A Day Out With Your Family

 Everyday you are busy with your job or with kids. You might be just earning all the day but only spending few hours with your family. Life is not al about earning money. Though you are earning for your family and spending for them, it doesn’t give you any satisfaction. It’s like your responsibility but your priority should be you spend your time with your family because time is more valuable than money. After years when you cherish your memories then you know you have lived your life. You must spare some time for your family like go out for dinner or for a movie. Or you can pack some sandwiches and go for a picnic.

I’ll give you some tips you could do. When it’s the weekend on Friday plan with your family what do they want to do like go for hiking or go to a national wildlife sanctuary. It will be a good idea to go an adventure with family. You will be able to teach them about nature and good habits. It’s a good way to get close to your kids. If it’s a sudden plan like packing their clothes and beach blankets at Hammamas and go on a trip like hiking or camping would be more fun and since we have all experience that sudden plans do work at least in the weekend escape to some place and create memories. Then keep a map where you mark each place you have been or you can use the pictures and paste them on a wall and writing that place on the top of the picture. Then when you go on trips you will make a collage on the wall with all the pictures and you can recall those memories when a year passed.

Pack your beach towel and go to beach with family and dogs. It’s a good to have a sea bath since if you have wounds or bruises sea salt cures it naturally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beach_Towel. When you go to a beach it relaxes your body as well as mind. You can play volleyball or run around with your kids.

We all love the beach because it makes us happy when you play with water and jumping and swimming in the sea. This beach outing is a must in your list. These kinds of trips and activities develop your child more positively that he or she has a good bond with her family members and she learns new things and she has a chance to explore the world more. Your priority should be your family after all money can’t buy happiness all the time.