A Guide To Looking Good With Less Effort.

If you’ve got an undying love for your bunny slippers and pink pyjamas in which tiny holes are beginning to emerge because of the excessive usage or would love to rock any evening event with an exquisite oversized t-shirt that’s worn one million times, and is a hands-down of your older brother, then trust me we’re all in the same boat. But hey, what’s wrong with that. We’re not lazy. Just simple. And sophistication lies in simplicity right? The less the more. If you’re wild spirited and bold and would walk in to an office brunch with comfortable sweatshirts and undone hair resembling a bird’s nest then I absolutely adore you, but if you’d rather rot along with a slime growing in the backyard than grow your guts, despise anything fancy like two buttons in a plain black dress, and need some help to look good with less effort, then read on.

Put In A Good Mix

.In simple terms go for the high low mix. In simpler terms, make part of your of clothing fancy and the rest plain. As much as you’d just love to stick to the latter only, this is one easy way that’s going to balance both and make you look like you’re a masterpiece of elegance and extravagance combined. When you hunting for formal evening gowns in Sydney CBD, you can simply stick to embellished silk skirts and plain but a distinctive colour of shirt. That way you’re satisfying yourself and your mother.

Pick The Perfect Hairstyle.

You can cut your hair extremely short and colour it in seven bursting shades and call yourself ‘After the rain’, an easy hack to be tagged unique, in every nook and cranny of earth, but well let’s just say some workplaces discriminate people for their peculiar hairstyles or you just don’t seem to like anything that comes in the colour other than black. When you get a haircut, make sure to choose one that suits your face. Some can make your face look thinner or sharper and the other can make you look like you escaped from the museum of 1800’s. A great haircut will require only a simple hairstyle, with less effort, be it for elegant engagement dresses in Sydney or stereotypical striped suits.

Know Your Body Shape.

You don’t have to match the trends, or wear what Suzanne wore last week because that’s what lady gaga wore three years back. The first thing you need to do to make sure you can rock glam any look is to be comfortable in what you wear. And just like Alyssa Cara says, you’re beautiful just the way you are. Learn your body shape so you know what kind of clothing will best fit and suit you. A quick tip would be, A Line Skirts or straight pants with no pockets if you’ve got a pair shape body with wider hips. But if you’ve got an Hour Glass body, go with skinny Jeans and pencil skirts.

Work On Your Footwear.

You can stroll in to office paired up with your black pyjama pants and lazy blue blouse, wearing a pair of silhouettes and still manage to look at least presentable, but imagine flapping your neon pink fluffy slippers with your perfectly sophisticated office suit. Stop imagining if you’re likely to get a panic attack for the hideous hallucination. The point is you might want to invest a bit in your shoes to pull off any lazy clothing and still look good. Shoes last. Might even last longer than your last relationship, making the spend actually worth it.