How To Avoid Permanent Eye Damage

As we grow older we also increase the chances of damaging our eyesight. Caring for our eyes should always be one of our priorities, but sadly this concern would often take a backseat as we start prioritizing other things in life. It is understandable that we have to prioritize our jobs or career in order to earn more money, but we have to remind ourselves that we need a clear eyesight in order to be efficient and effective in what we do. So it is best to take care of it before it’s too late and the damage would be irreversible. Below are just a couple of easy to follow and practical tips on how to take extra good care of our eyes. Allot a few hours from your busy schedule to visit your optometrist Hope Island to have your eyes checked every once in a while. Even if you have good eyesight it would be better to wear anti radiation glasses to protect your eyes from radiation. 

For those people diagnosed with astigmatism if you don’t feel comfortable wearing glasses you can always remain fashionable by using different colors of contact lenses, just make sure to follow certain cleaning and maintenance procedures while using it. You can opt for contacts that are ideal for extended wear and make sure to apply a lubricant to prevent it from drying especially when your workplace is fully air conditioned. If you are wearing contact lens you should still wear sunglasses for extra eye protection. Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays will increase your risk of acquiring cataracts that causes blurry vision. Though this problem is easily treated through minor outpatient surgery by scraping a thin cloudy film on the outer layer of the eyes, there is still a chance for it to recur after a couple of years.Another advice is to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels at all times. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and request for certain tests to determine if you are at risk for Diabetes Mellitus. This lifestyle disease should be taken seriously because of the complications that comes with it. One of the major and most common effects of Diabetes is blindness due to macular degeneration caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels for a certain period of time. Another eye problem that is common for diabetic patients is glaucoma a condition wherein there’s too much eye pressure that result into damaging the optic nerve. Sadly most cases of glaucoma doesn’t have any symptoms and but it can be managed through eye drop medications or laser surgery just to lessen the eye pressure but there is no permanent cure for this.