Memorial Jewelry: Trends And Options

It is common for us to mourn when one of our loved ones has passed away. But you cannot mourn forever. Best way to cope up with your lost is to move on while having good memories. Before cremation process was introduced to the world, we would pay a visit to a cemetery once in a while to honor the dead. But when it is one of your pets, you cannot expect a place in a cemetery. This is where memorial jewelry become very useful. These are trends and also one of the best ways to keep your loved ones’ memories alive with you forever. Among dozens of memorial jewelries, there are unique and also creepy ones. All these things can be divided in to two different groups. Cremated ones and non-cremated jewelries. Following topics briefly discuss them, so you can find what is ideal for you.

Non-Cremated Jewelry

These came to market a long time before cremation and these are still very famous. These are typical accessories that you can wear, of course. They can be pendants, necklaces, rings etc. and thanks to today’s market’s flexibility, you can customize them as you desire. Also, these are ideal for pets. You can have a pet memorial necklace with special markings and a picture for a reasonable price. If you have lost a companion that meant a lot to you, this is a good way to keep their memory alive.

Important factor in these jewelry is that they can be customized, as mentioned before. This, of course, has become one of the main reasons of its popularity. There are places that offer you this service within hours and all you have to provide is a photo of your pet. You can find different memorial ideas like this online, however, one thing to keep in mind is that you have to check their reviews and prices before purchasing their services. Read up recommendations and customer reviews to have a proper idea about the service. Visit 

Cremated Jewelry

Before this service, there were urns that contained ashes. They are still available and popular but, cremated jewelries are getting a lot of attention in past few years. Some funeral services offer you a vial that contains ashes of the deceased and there are some services that offer you unique services like a cremation ashes diamond. This, of course, is a very popular trend as well as an amazing idea to keep all good memories of your loved one’s alive. This is done simply by applying a huge pressure to ashes that eventually becomes a crystalized jewel.

It is a good idea to honor the dead and it is a better idea to move on, having those valuable and loving memories with you, always.