Types Of Ladies Heel Shoes

One thing a woman cannot resist is the shoes. The female wardrobe is filled with different kinds of shoes. The women buy shoes to match with their wardrobe and join any formal or casual celebration. Heels are a popular trend. Women love to buy heels but they hardly know the types of heels. If the buyer knows about the types she can choose the right one. All heels are not for every foot. If the woman in the shoe shop buys the wrong type she will have to pay a heavy price in terms of the injuries, inconvenience, and discomfort. There are following types of heels that can be bought from the shoe stores.

Types of heels:

Platform heels are for those who cannot balance on the sharp cone heels. They are similar to the wedge heels due to a broader base but in fact, these two are not completely the same. These heels are much broader than the latter. If the woman is planning to go in a wardrobe that is slim fit then these shoes can be a great choice to make her look impressive.

Wedge heels are the extension of the platform heels. Finds the high heel shoes challenging can switch to the wedge heels. They offer better balance, less stumbling, and comfortable wearing. As they are broad enough, therefore, they can maintain the support that a body requires while moving around or standing for some time.

Peep shoes make a great choice for every lady. They come in a number of sizes. Usually, the height of the heels determines the style. The front of these shoes is usually open. They are great for the celebrities and the people who appear in the fashion shoes. Anyone who can carry the high heels can wear them for a    glamorous look.

Cone heel is like the cones. They are broader at the top and sharper at the base. This gives a complete look of the cone. Although they go with all kinds of dresses they suit the skirts the most.

Stilettos are the pioneer heels in the world of footwear. The heel height can be chosen according to personal preference and ease.  The minimum possible height of the heels in this category is 4 inches. If the women like they can even get a heel with a height of 6 inches too. It is possible to get these kinds of heels in multiple designs. One thing that distinguishes these from the peep toes is that they are closed in the front while the latter keeps the toes revealing. Theseheels come in the black color very often so that they can match with any dress and occasion.